How to Choose the Right Clicgear Buggy for Your Golf Game

How to Choose the Right Clicgear Buggy for Your Golf Game

Some golfers still wonder if they need a buggy at all, not to talk of buying the clicgear buggy, the number one choice. Meanwhile, there are exceptional reasons why you need to walk during a round of golf. For instance, walking during golf helps you to

How to Choose the Right Clicgear Buggy for Your Golf Game
  • Burn as much as 2000 calories over 18 holes of golf
  • A game of 18 holes can require up to 10,000 steps or about 8 kilometres
  • Reduce body stress for a better sleep
  • Enhance the condition of your brain towards greater productivity and creativity
  • Reduce all kinds of blood pressure, cardiovascular condition and strength in bones
  • Keep the condition of the golf course better while the turf can grow better and faster 

Now that you know the advantages of getting a buggy, our number one recommendation is the clicgear buggy, which has remarkable qualities. However, an objective way to look at things is to show some of the salient attributes to look for in golf carts. In all, let the clicgear buggy stand out from the many options for you to consider in buying golf buggies

Number of Wheels

One of the fascinating qualities of a golf buggy is the number of wheels present on it. The number of spins differentiates between different classes of buggies on sale. For instance, the very old school golf buggies often have only two wheels on them. However, the most recent technology is the clicgear buggy. Between the 2-wheel and the 4-wheel clicgear buggy is the 3-wheel buggies on sale in virtually every retail golf store.

In addition, 3-wheel carts added push rather than pulling since there is an extra front wheel. However, a double front wheel in the 4-wheel clicgear buggy adds an extra layer of ease while pushing the bag through the game. Meanwhile, it is less likely that a golfer will be frustrated with the clicgear buggy during the golf round. Unlike the fear that many people have about 4-wheel carts challenging to manoeuvre, a clicgear buggy is not like that.

Storage compartment

Another reason for the choice of your golf buggy is the presence of storage compartments. This feature is practically optimized in the clicgear buggy since the need for space in general among golfers. Undoubtedly, golfers need the freedom to keep several golf gears and apparels to carry along the game of play. Most significantly, if a golfer is fond of carrying a golf bag along with space, then you may need a golf buggy like the clicgear buggy to bear the weight for you. 

Storage is also a vital quality for golf buggies, and clicgear buggy adds a great deal of that. Meanwhile, suppose you have to play in an unpredictable weather condition that includes rain or extreme cold. In that case, you may need the storage compartment to keep your valuables. They need the space to hold snacks, a bottle of drinks, and a few cans of cold beer while playing for other golfers. The clicgear buggy is a great choice when you need extra space to keep your stuff.


The ability to manoeuvre your golf buggy is also crucial to many golfers. A clicgear buggy is a great option. When golfers eventually decide to go for a golf buggy, the manoeuvre is essential. Moreover, when buying the right pushcart, you should think about how much flexibility to control it gives you. When considering the clicgear buggy, you can enjoy the ease of control with unique technology, including a modern mobile system.

For instance, the best golf buggy often has fixed wheels that may otherwise make it difficult to control. In addition, it may not be that easy to change the direction of the golf buggy. Nevertheless, the clicgear buggy is not only the best choice in this matter, but it also gives an overall great experience. Meanwhile, you can also fold the latest model of clicgear buggy up easily with its 4XFOLD patented technology. This technology is also one of the many items and components that a golfer needs to note. 


No one wants to buy a golf buggy that has zero durability for use under ideal conditions. Therefore, you must consciously decide the level of durability you want your golf buggy to have. Meanwhile, the clicgear buggy is a fantastic choice in terms of durability. However, like all golf products, some high-quality materials are also available for use when golfers pick them. Then, you can also choose suitable clicgear buggy options when you consider the price of the available buggies for purchase in Australia.

For instance, modern buggies like the clicgear buggy often have more substantial and better wheels and a more muscular body frame. You may also want to recheck your list if you have the suitable materials and stuff that you need. Also, another factor to consider has to do with the sales, such as the warranty length, return policy after purchase and presence of golf accessories. We are still going to view some of these factors under the following qualities. 

Brake System

You do not want to buy a golf cart that can quickly lose control and run down the hill. This particular reason is why many golf buggy manufacturers build their models with unique braking systems. Furthermore, if you consider the clicgear buggy, you will find a model front-wheel braking system. This system helps the golfer to be in better and easier control of the clicgear buggy. Meanwhile, the more accessible part is the alignment and coordination of the two front wheels in the clicgear 8.0 model buggy. 

If the buggy’s brake system fails, you may not avoid some of the failures with the brake system during play. In other words, if your golf course has hilly terrains, then you may need to go for some higher and more recent models with the best braking systems. In some of these latest versions, such as the clicgear buggy model 8.0 or Rovic, a hand brake control is connected to the front wheel. In other buggies, you may choose the models with foot brakes.

How to Choose the Right Clicgear Buggy for Your Golf Game


The golf market has several options of golf cars for golfers to choose from. Each model has their peculiarities and therefore bring unique benefits to the table. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend golfers to select from the clicgear class of golf buggies. You may also want to explore for some of the best prices with special offers. 

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